Kariveppil Rabia


Kariveppil RabiaKariveppil Rabia is a physically challenged social worker from Vellilakkadu, Malappuram, who rose to prominence through her role in the Kerala State Literacy Campaign in Malappuram district in 1990.Kariveppil Rabia through sheer determination brought literacy and change to her village even though she is confined to a wheelchair. She remains the moving force behind a voluntary organisation called ‘Chalanam’. Committed to the cause of women and differently-abled children, it runs five special schools for mentally disabled children and a publishing house with more than 30 books to its credit. She herself has authored many of them. She has published her memoirs Mouna Nombarangal’. Her efforts were recognized at national level by the Government of India on multiple occasions. In 1994, the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India had awarded her the National Youth Award for her contributions to society. In January 2001, she was awarded the first Kannagi Sthree Sakthi Puraskar award for the year 1999 for her contribution to the upliftment and empowerment of women.




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