Archana Sardana

archanaArchana Sardana, India's only woman base jumper has created history of by scuba diving at Neil Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and "unfurling" the national tricolour at a depth of 30 metres under the sea.

The scooba diving offers a whole new world out there in the deep for her. She recently completed the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors, USA) Open Diving Course and can go to a depth of 30-40 metres.

Archana, the Flag Ambassador for Flag Foundation of India whose tryst with adventure sport began a little over a decade ago, has gone from mountaineering to sky-diving, from there on to the risky sport of base jumping and finally conquered her fear of depths by taking to scuba diving at Neil Island.

The 37-year-old wife of a Submarine Naval Officer with the Indian Navy observed that it was her family that actually made her take to adventure sport. After achieving this sucess Sardana did not look back. She first did a course in mountaineering and later went on to become a skydiver and a base jumper. She is now keen on exploring the depths of the sea by scuba diving.

On scuba diving, she said, "The experience is something that I cannot put in words. More than anything else it opened up a whole new world. It was a fascinating few hours under the sea at the depth of 30 metres." When asked to comment on the dangers posed by high-risk sports such as base-jumping, she replied, "The risk is always there but when you know what you are doing you keep your focus on the job."

She said that she had become more detached, sure of herself and responsible when compared to what she was like before taking to adventure sport.


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