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Veteran actress Santha Devi, who immortalized many roles in silver screen and theatres came on the scene at a time when women kept away from the stage and screen and had proved her acting genius by donning powerful roles.

She is a winner of several awards, including the national honour for the best supporting actress for her performance in Yamanam, Premji award and the lifetime achievement award of the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Akademi.

Smarakam, a drama directed by Vasu Pradeep, was her first play. She made her debut in cinema 53 years ago in Minnaminungu, directed by Ramu Karyat. She had entered the silver screen on inspiration by her husband, Abdul Khader. She has acted in over 480 movies including Moodupadam, Kuttikkuppayam, Kunjalimaraykkar, Iruttinte Athmavu, Sthalathe pradhana payyans and Adwaitham.

She had handled memorable roles in television serials, such as Manasi and Minnukettu.

The last film which she acted was `Bridge' a short film among the collection of short films in `Kerala Cafe' by Renjith. In that film she portrays the role of a mother abandoned by her son.

She was among the leading woman actors in Kerala who took the glory of theatre art to its zenith surmounting social stigma.

Santha Devi died on 20 November 2010.




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