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Loyola Extension Services (LES) was registered in 1986, under the Charitable Societies Registration Act, as a resource centre and a centre of outreach and field involvement of the College. LES is a multi-dimensional resource centre with training, research, documentation, publication, counselling (Family and Student), VCA for adoption and social consultancy as its major services.

To pursue excellence in teaching, learning, research and outreach, with social sensitivity.


·        We shall aim at molding men and women of competence, conscience, empathy and commitment to fellow begins.

·        We shall dedicate ourselves to the development of human resources to meet the challenges of the contemporary socio-economic, political, cultural and technological realities.

·        We shall strive for the commitment of the stakeholders to be complete, ethical, intellectually competent, open, spiritual and caring.

Major objectives

·        To enable individuals, group and social work organizations to be more efficient and effective in the respective fields of involvement.

·        To undertake training, research and consultancy services on areas of current social significant.

·        To provide counselling services, legal guidance on family welfare, legal adoption and rehabilitation programs.

·        To involve in field level action research, social action and development programs.

·        To generate, collect interpret and disseminate information, education and communication materials and publish them.

·        To create, develop and sustain inter-organizational linkages and networking systems among interested NGOs and voluntary organization.

·        To involve itself in the implementation and management of anti poverty programs and empowerment initiatives.

·        To play an active advocacy role on social issues and development endeavors especially of the marginalized.

Thrust areas:

·        Training

·        Research

·        Child line

·        Counselling

·        Consultancy

·        Adoption

·        Documentation and

·        Community Development
Contact Details
Address:    Loyola Extension Services, Sreekariyam P.O. Thiruvananthapuram www.loyolacollegekerala.edu.in
Phone:    -2594626
Email ID:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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