Beena Kannan

Beliefs of a Successful Woman

The transformation of Seematti from a small saree store into one of the most popular fashion retailers in the state is attributed to the extraordinary determination and hard work of its owner – Beena Kannan. Known for excellent taste and futuristic vision, she has an unbelievable but real story – that of a young girl who emerges as a powerful business icon.
She grew up in a very traditional family, where the womenfolk were very completely indoors and protected from male company. When she completed her studies, she asked her father whether she could join him in his saree shop. It was the first time a girl in their family had even thought of being a part of the family’s business. Her father agreed.
Beliefs of Beena Kannan: Make Mistakes

She found herself learning more from the first mistakes that she made because she vowed never to repeat that mistake ever again. Like most succcessful women who have been motivated by strong beliefs, Beena Kannan too has a belief that she feels rooted to. She speaks of mistakes with respect because she believes that individuals learn most from the mistakes they made and the smartest ones are those who never repeat them again.
Beena Kannan: Passion to Win

Widowed at a young age and having to support three children, Beena Kannan battled the ups and downs of her life with determination. She had the passion to win and the ability to pursue her dreams with boldness and conviction.
She travels to villages in Kanchipuram and selects, with obsessive attention for details, the most exquisitely woven Kancheevaram sarees woven by the weavers in the region.
She spends time with weavers for such long periods that she is almost a loved family member in their families. They share their moments and beliefs with her, trusting that it will become a part of her life too.

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