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There are several women's health problems ranging from mild to severe. All the problems faced by women need proper attention and timely treatment. There are several problems faced by women that are very painful and distressing that it cannot be explained in words. Most of the problems are so embarrassing to tell to others that women keep suffering without going to doctor. But in fact most of these problems have simple and effective treatment options. But not all the problems faced by women have simple cure and fast remedies but women can reduce their chances of getting into any worse condition by visiting their doctor even if they have doubts regarding their health.

Most of the women's health problems are due to the hormonal imbalance faced by women belonging to all age groups. The common problems faced by women are irregular periods, menopause, miscarriage, no periods, PMS, pregnancy, Fibroids, Heavy periods, Infertility, cystitis, breast problems, ovarian cysts, weight control, vaginal infections, sexual problems, hysterectomy, painful periods, thrush and prolapse. These are only some of the common problems faced by women all over the world and there is much more to this list.

In are plenty of women's health problems during pregnancy itself. In each of the three semesters of the pregnancy women experience some or other kind of difficulty. In the first trimester almost all women have to face vomiting, giddiness and the morning sickness. Headache is also common during the first trimester of pregnancy. The hormonal changes during pregnancy are responsible for causing all these problems. In the second trimester when the hormones become balanced most of these problems get automatic cure. Dehydration, lack of sleep, fatigue and eyestrain are some of the causes behind getting headaches during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Taking good care during the first trimester of pregnancy can control women's health problems during pregnancy. Pregnant lady needs sleep of about 9 to 10 hours so that their body can cope with the tremendous changes that occur inside their body. Taking a shower will also be effective if you are getting headaches. During pregnancy make sure that you don’t keep your stomach empty and should drink plenty of water. If you will follow these two things then several of problems faced during pregnancy will not even occur.

After the delivery also women face several health related problems. Women's health problems after the delivery are mainly associated keeping their energy levels high so that they can look after their babies well. The hormonal changes inside the body are responsible for causing several mental and physical changes that women find hard to cope with. Women's health problems only increase with age. Throughout the life women have some or other complaint regarding their menstrual cycles. During the menopausal phase too, women have to suffer several problems.

Women are very strong as they have lots of patience in them but instead of keeping patience and avoiding the regular physical checkup is not a good thing. The family members should force women in their house to go for regular health checkups. After the age of forty women should not avoid the yearly health checkups. -- herbalcureindia




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