Breast cancer in Kerala




Increase in cases of Breast cancer in Kerala is indeed a matter of concern. Ten years ago, cervical cancer was on the top of the chart of cancers among women. Now breast cancer has overtaken. Among cancers in women, about 30-35 per cent is accounted by breast cancer.

'There is definitely an increase in breast cancer. Every third women who comes to oncology OP has breast cancer. Though the incidence of breast cancer is going up, the mortality rates are not high. Breast cancer is striking women in their thirties now.

Though no particular reason can be pinpointed for the increase in breast cancer use of oral contraceptives, hormones being used to postpone menstrual periods, high fat diet and lack of exercise can be taken as reasons.

Early detection is needed for effective treatment but even now majority of patients come for treatment in stage 3 and stage 4 in the state. Many studies have shown that most Adjuvant (treatment in early stage) therapies are important in the fight against breast cancer as they decrease recurrence by one third.

Leading oncologists are hoping to achieve higher success rates in treatment of the dreaded disease by individualising the treatment for patients thereby reducing recurrence. Early breast cancer refers to the stage of the disease and means the disease has not spread to other parts of the body. Individualised treatment of Breast Cancer is certain to reduce the recurrence of the disease and the role of gene mapping is an important diagnostic tool to reduce the risk of recurrence of the disease.




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