Law keepers must be sensitized for protecting women

Social Welfare & Panchayats Minister  M.K.Munner  said   that, the  law keepers must be sensitized with in the state ,as a  result   Kerala could become a model for   the  women friendly  state  just  like  health and education sector  ,which is well  known for its achievements in the state. He was addressing this  at a inaugurating function of  a works shop,  regarding ‘Measures to tackle the menace of sexual crimes against women’ ,instituted by  All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).He also added  that intolerable  atrocities  against  women and  children  have reached at the peak level . The minister stated this  by quoting  figures  , ”of the  13000  crimes cases registered  against women in Kerala last year, majority  were  rape, molestation and  domestic violence” .  He  reiterately  emphasized that every sections of  society  must be sensitized and  made aware of women rights .The sections  include not only  teachers ,students , police  but also judiciary  and   other law keepers  ,then only  we can achieve  the status  of women –friendly state .Munner  also said that ,”The police  must be sensitive to the  victims state of mind while  filing the FIRs and  the  same,  remained   to the  lawyers for   dealing with similar cases. Judges should treat each case on its own , not to desensitized and treat  them  indifferently   just  because  they have dealt with many   similar cases before”.
 In addition to this ,organizations  like   Women’s Commissions should    further   strengthen their intervention and initiatives just  like  ‘Our Responsibility to Children ‘(ORC),a project  started  in Kozhikode  district  by the City Police  in 2010,  to address deviant behavior  in Women . Recently it was announced that this  project  would be extended to all other districts under the supervision  of Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM) .The minister also mentioned that a scheme  for  starting  shelter homes  for victims of sexual abuse was on the cards.
 The members attended  the function include former Chair  person of the State Women’s Commission Justice D Sreedevi , College  of Engineering Principal S Sheela and AICTE   office – bearers .

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