Girls to gain taekwondo classes in the high schools


By  taking into the account the  numerous physical assault against women and children, the District Panchayat has decided to provide taekwondo training  in high schools for empowering  girls  in the city. The  proposed scheme   will be implemented  in government high schools  by different stages. Initially , the project will be  started in 12 different  schools ,identified by the civic body. The civic body is   organising  this programme with the  association  of DDE (Deputy  Director of Education ) and District  Taekwondo Associations. Officially, this  programme will be inaugurated   in the first week of the May.
The project is planned  to impart taekwondo training to around  40 students  of different schools initially , and  later would  be introduced to other  high schools.   The course  is of 72 hour duration and those who successfully complete the course will be granted a merit certificate .The  State Government has  also sanctioned  an amount of  5 lakh for this project  in the last year budget.

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