Sukumari Amma passes away


Veteran actress Sukumari who enthralled the audience with her screen presence for six decades passed away following cardiac arrest in a private hospital at Chennai Tuesday evening. The funeral would take place in Chennai.

Sukumari , who was lovingly called "Amma" was admitted to the hospital for burn injuries a month ago. While being treated, she had a heart attack on Tuesday afternoon and breathed her last. Wife of famous film director-producer late Bhimsingh , Sukumari is survived by her doctor son Suresh Bhimsingh.

Sukumari was born in 1938 and started her acting career from the age of 10. Sukumari was a cousin of the legendary trio Lathitha ,Padmini and Ragini , which paved her way to the tinsel field with the film ‘orarivu’ in 1951. She has done more than 2500 films. Sukumari was awarded the Padma shri by the Government in 2003 and was awarded the National Film awards for Best supporting Actress in Namma Graamam(2010).

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