Women Guest houses to come up in three cities

krla womenGuest houses for travelling women will come up in three major cities in the state, as a part of the Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation’s initiative to lower the woes of women who find it difficult to find a safe and affordable place for overnight stay.
Initially the guest house will be set up in Kochi, where a suitable structure is sorted out which is already functioning as a working women’s hostel. The working women’s hostel at Gandhi Nagar will be revamped and a new floor will be set up above the existing structure.
After the allocation of funds by the state government, Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra will be given the work order for the erection of guest houses. Nirmithi Kendra has given an estimate of Rs 78 lakh for a 5,000-sq.ft facility.

KSWDC is on the lookout for suitable land for similar guesthouses in Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. The organisation does not have a single women’s hostel within these city ambits.

The upcoming women guest houses will surely be a boon for women, who reach the cities for exams, interviews and other purposes.

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