Electronic gadgets to guard women: Muneer

muneerGovernment is contemplating over the use of electronic gadgets to protect women, informed Panchayat and Social Justice Minister, M.K. Muneer. Government has received many proposals of electronic bangles, SIM cards which when triggered by women send SOS to the nearby police station or to Women Jagratha Samithis.
The efficacy of the product will be scrutinized on a pilot project.  Women will be enquired upon whether they are willing to take this forward. Nothing will be imposed upon them by force, the Minister assured. Muneer added that Kerala will be the first to implement the ‘NirbhayaFund’ proposed in the Union Budget. A sum of Rs.1, 000-crore has been allotted for the Nirbhaya fund, in honour of the Delhi gang-rape victim, to promote women's safety.
The state government is also considering mounting the number of working women’s hostels in the state with the aid of Central funds.

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