Kerala Police: A saviour for women

imagesIn order to prevent the crime levied against women in the city Kerala police will begin help desks at railway stations, bus stands, and shopping localities in the city. One hundred auto rickshaws with gender sensitized persons of clean police record will be selected as ‘women friendly’ vehicles. These auto rickshaws will sport a different colour scheme.
To ensure the security of women police will scrutinize public places including beaches, public toilets, eateries, and so on.  Women face high and low level threats from drunks, purse snatchers, ticketless travelers, vendors of pornographic books and DVDs, nuisance makers, and hardened criminals in public. Many a woman has felt most susceptible while travelling on late-night trains and buses.

Plainclothes-squads will frequently interact with women commuters and document their grievances. To nab those people who pose a threat to women commuters these squads will travel incognito on buses.

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