Mural rendition by Menaka

menaYesteryear actress Menaka is all set to bring to life the chronicles of Lord Shiva through mural work. Colour strokes by Menaka Suresh will grace the walls of Kudavoor Mahadeva Temple (Thiruvananthapuram) soon. The actress, who starred in hundreds of films in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu in 1980s, is engaged in painting the walls of the village temple with her guru, Prince Thonnakkal . Menaka is portraying ‘Nataraja’ in the temple walls. The temple walls will adorn mural artworks which are made from lime, juicy extracts from leaves, "ennakkari" and "vettukallu". Menaka was trained by the renowned mural artist Mr. Prince Thonnakkal , since 2007.




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