Kottayam girl wins New Zealand Got Talent contest




Jessie-HillelJessie Hillel, 11-year-old Wellington-settled Malayali girl from Kottayam is the first runner-up at the New Zealand Got Talent contest. This little girl with angelic voice was outshined by Clara van Wel, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who took home $100,000, a car and recording contract. Even though Jessie was one of the favourites with the judges, popular votes poured in for Ms. Clara Van Wel, making her the winner of the competition. Jessie, the second of the two daughters of Rabbi Brigu Hillel and Sigy Susan George, working in New Zealand, has been training in music right from the age of three. Jessie's parents, both IT workers, hail from Kerala and settled in Wellington in 1996 after her father was offered a posting here and the couple fell in love with New Zealand’s lifestyle. Jessie sibling, 15-year Julie is also a talented pianist. Jessie had won the overall championship at the Aim to Fame National Championship of Performing Arts in New Zealand. She participated as the New Zealand team member at the World Championship of Performing Arts at Los Angeles in 2010, considered the Olympics of performing arts and came back with a second place. According to her grandfather O.M. Mathew, a former professor of political science, Jessie’s favourite Malayalam song was Pacha Panam Thathe.




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