Nurses to wear Churidar from December 1

nursesNurses in Kerala are all set for a change — from sari to churidar. The six-yard white saree will soon give its way to churidar and overcoat in government hospitals in the state. Health Ministry took the decision as per the popular demand from the nursing community, especially the young brigade. The traditionalists could continue to wear sari and the new dress code would not be enforced on them.

Nurses often find it difficult to change over to sari after coming to hospitals from their home. Wearing a sari involves much effort and time, whereas churidar is more convenient and user-friendly. Kerala has about 1,255 hospitals of varying size under the directorate of health services with more than 8,000 nurses working in them. The number of male nurses in Kerala hospitals is minuscule.

Most private hospitals across Kerala shifted from saris to churidars, shirt and trousers as nurses’ uniform many years ago




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