Free generic drugs in Kerala from November 1st

medTo soothe the burden of patients the state government has decided to distribute 952 varieties of generic drugs free of cost from November 1st.In the first phase of this scheme the generic drugs will be distributed in  five medical college hospitals and general hospitals in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode irrespective of the APL, BPL divide. In the second phase the drugs would be given through eight other general hospitals and 15 district hospitals, and in the third phase, through taluk hospitals, community health centres and primary health centres of the state. The scheme is intended to help the patients from drug manufacturers and distributors who are charging exorbitant prices for medicines.

The drugs have been adequately stocked and doctors have been given guidance in prescribing the drugs. The Kerala Medical Service Corporation Limited (KMSCL) has also supplied generic drugs for diabetes, blood pressure and kidney disorder to all the primary and community health centres. This is to bring down the price of drugs for lifestyle disorders. KMSCL has also supplied 81 varieties of antibiotics, 21 for respiratory disorder, 51 drugs for cardiac disorder, 59 for ENT, 20 for gynecology related treatment and 55 for mental illness. The 107 varieties of cancer drugs supplied through the Regional Cancer Centre, has been now made available in all the medical college hospitals and in Ernakulam general hospital.

For patients who have complaints regarding the supply, special liaison officers have been deployed in these eight hospitals. Complaints would be redressed by a committee comprising of doctors.

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