Plant Craft

plant craft

Materials Needed:

     3-inch Clay Pot
     Green Floral Foam
     Small, Wrapped Candies
     Craft Stick
     Misc. Supplies to Decorate (see suggestions below)
     Craft Glue
    Paint Brush


Paint the clay pot however you like. At this time you can also paint the craft sticks green. use however many sticks as you want flowers. Let the paint dry! Place a snug piece of green floral foam in the pot. You can also place tissue paper in the pot first so it sticks out of the top of the pot. If you don't have floral foam, you can fill the pot with rocks or even candy! Glue the wrapped candies one end of a craft stick. If you want 'fuller' flowers, consider cutting flower shapes out of craft foam, felt, or construction paper and gluing them to the craft stick first. Poke the craft stick stems into the floral foam in the pot. Once all of your flowers are in place, you can fill in around them, covering the floral foam, with shredded tissue or Easter grass.





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