Face tissue flowers


You can make beautiful flowers to decorate a wide range of items or you can help your kids make beautiful paper flowers from facial tissues. It is simple, fun, and you can even get creative with them.

Materials Required

·         Face Tissue - different colours

·         Glue (Fevicol)

·         Thin Aluminium wires

·         Green tape

Procedure :

1.      At first, take the tissue paper and cut it equally into four strips.

2.      Now attach three of these strips to make a long strip.

3.      Fold this long strip equally making it to about one fourth of its full length.

4.      Using a scissors, cut its edges and later unfold the strip of tissue.

5.      Take the aluminium wire and fold its edge.

6.      Dip its edge in glue.

7.      Slowly wind the tissue paper around the wire. As you wind, crush the paper (at the folding edge) for a filling look, at small intervals until you wind the whole strip.

8.      Now tighten the same aluminium wire or thread around the flower for support and to prevent from      falling off.

9.      Wind the green tape around the wire to make the stem.

Your flower is ready. Arrange with fresh ferns for an attractive look.





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