Paper Roses

paperroseThe paper roses would make a great teacher gift for valentines or any other special holiday.


    Colored paper of your choice
    Chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
    Glue Gun and glue sticks
    Floral tape or green masking tape

Simply trace your pattern on the colored paper of your choice and cut it exactly the way you did for the template.

Next, slide the cut design between a ruler and your thumb to curl the paper slightly. Glue a chenille stem to the beginning of the tail. Then roll it along the design. Glue the petals down every now and then. Once you're done rolling up the whole flower, tuck the small tail around the stem and glue in place. Use florist tapeand wrap the stem in green masking tape.

Next, draw and cut some leaves. Draw a heart and glue it to chenille stem and then wrap it in masking tape. Then put the two stems together. A paper rose is created.

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