Cardboard Vace


To make your own, vase you need a corrugated cardboard. You can get this at your local grocery or department store, free for the asking.

Materials needed

  •     strong, corrugated cardboard
  •     glue
  •     acrylic craft paint, in colors of your choosing
  •     fine glitter or glitter paint
  •     newspaper
  •     small block of florist's foam
  •     seasonal silk floral stems
  •     pencil
  •     scissors
  •     sponge
  •     ribbon

First, decide on the approximate height and the shape of the vase, then how wide you want each side to be. The number of sides will depend on the shape of the vase.

Use the pencil to draw a rectangle on one side of the cardboard box to your desired height and total width measurements. Cut out this piece of cardboard.

Place the cardboard flat on a table, back side up, then measure and mark your fold lines. These lines should be set equally apart to create a specific shape. Allow an extra fold of an inch or so on one side of the width for the seam overlap.

Begin folding the first side inwards. Repeat with all the sides of your vase, plus the seam overlap.

To form the base of the vase, fold a flap on the bottom of each side, folding the flaps inwards and using enough material so that the flaps overlap to make the vase bottom.

Apply glue to the overlapping edges of the side seam, slide the smaller edge under, and press both pieces together.

Apply glue to the bottom flaps and press them together.

Once the glue is dry, you may weigh down the bottom for extra stability by adding a layer of small stones or pebbles. Stuff the middle of the vase loosely with balls of a newspaper. Cut a block of florist's foam to fit your vase and place it in the top.

Sponge paint the outside of the vase in your base color, then randomly sponge on a second and third color of paint, in coordinating or contrasting colors. If desired, apply fine glitter to parts of the wet paint, or randomly sponge on some white glue diluted with water, then apply the fine glitter.

Finally, tie a coordinating ribbon around the top. Fill your recycled cardboard vase with seasonal flower and leaf arrangements, poking the stems through the florist's foam to secure in place.-allfreecrafts




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