Marriage Assistance to Differently Abled Women and to Daughters of Differently Abled Parents

Scheme Type: State Government
Department: Social Welfare Department
Title Marriage Assistance to differently abled women and to daughters of differently abled parents
Scheme Type State Government
 Funding Pattern Government of Kerala
Description As per G.O.(MS) 126/2006/SWD, dated: 16/3/2006 and G.O.(MS) 216/2007/SWD, dated: 30-03-2007 has sanctioned a scheme for giving an amount of Rs.10,000/- as the Marriage Assistance to physically handicapped girls and the daughters of physically handicapped parents. A total amount of Rs.50,90,000/- was utilized for 509 beneficiaries.
Benefeciaries Differently abled women and also to the differently abled parents for the marriage of their daughters
Benefits A one - time assistance of Rs. 10, 000/- is provided to the benefeciaries
Eligibility Criteria
How to avail The application forms are to be obtained from District Social Welfare Offices and to submit to the same office with required documents
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Directorate of Social Welfare.
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